joshua van horn marketing expert

Joshua Van Horn

Managing Director

With 16 years of online SEO experience, Joshua has seen it all. Working with over 1000 SEO projects and WordPress sites from A to Z, rest assured you are in good hands. He is confident in the SEO Google ranking process we provide to clients. Joshua is our company CEO and ensures clients and operations are running smoothly.

Mike Michelini

VP of Business Strategy

Add in another 15 years of SEO experience and you have a rock star management team. Mike has worked with search engine optimization to build up his own network of e-commerce businesses. He has worked with clients from across the US. Fascinated with content marketing and achieving Google ranking to grow businesses, he is our VP of business strategy

Chad Caballes

Chief Development Officer

Specializing in SEO for both front-end and back-end web development, Chad have maintained, developed and launched multiple projects, carrying any development projects to completion. Chad directs and coordinates the many team members and complex details involved in every project.